Home care dupes


Home care can vary widely in cost, and the choice between expensive and cheap ideas often depends on individual preferences, budget constraints, and specific needs. Here’s some tips for your Honey-Do-List.



  • $$$: Professional cleaning services, high-tech cleaning gadgets, custom organization systems.
  • The Dupe: DIY (thoroughly researched) cleaning solutions, basic cleaning tools, decluttering and organizing on your own. We love using Scrub Daddy for tough scrubbing, Vinegar + baking soda for the shower and sink, and using old clothing as rags.

Energy Efficiency:

  • $$$: Smart home automation for energy management, high-efficiency appliances, solar panels.
  • The Dupe: Energy-efficient light bulbs, sealing drafts, adjusting thermostat settings, unplugging “vampire energy” devices when not in use.

Cooking and Kitchenware:

  • $$$: High-end kitchen appliances, professional-grade cookware.
  • The Dupe: Basic kitchen tools, budget-friendly cookware, DIY projects for kitchen organization. Think what would be best in the long-run.


  • $$$: Professional landscaping, irrigation systems, exotic plants.
  • The Dupe: DIY gardening, native plants, basic lawn care, simple landscaping projects, and utilizing whatever space you have to start a herb or veggie garden.

Power Washing:

  • $$$: Hiring a professional, buying or renting your power washer. If you DIY ensure you have the right tool for the job and your house can provide the right amount of water pressure
  • The Dupe: Soft wash systems, a biodegradable chemical that is applied to loosen up the dirt and grime.

Home Repairs:

  • $$$: Hiring professionals for all repairs. Plan it out, get plenty of estimates to compare costs, and discuss payment plans or finance options.
  • The Dupe: DIY repairs for simple tasks. For certain tasks ask your handy friends of family for help. There are also apps where you can hire an individual Tasker for help at an affordable price.

Organizational Solutions:

  • $$$: Custom-built storage solutions.
  • The Dupe: DIY storage options, utilizing affordable organizers. To make planning easier for yourself make sure you can easily see and access what you do and don’t need.



  • $$$: Designer or custom lighting fixtures.
  • The Dupe: Affordable, stylish lighting options from budget-friendly stores. Get creative and think of what can really brighten the space. LED color changing lights, or hanging fairy lights make a huge difference.


  • $$$: Designer furniture or custom-made pieces.
  • The Dupe: Affordable, mass-produced furniture or DIY projects using recycled materials. Head to your local Swap meet, thrift store, clearance at the Big Box store.

Heating and Cooling:

  • $$$: High-efficiency HVAC systems.
  • The Dupe: Regular maintenance, using draft stoppers, and energy-efficient practices. Also think about using black out shades, window ACs and single room heaters.

Remember, the effectiveness of home care ideas is not always directly proportional to their cost. Sometimes, affordable and creative solutions can be just as effective as their more expensive counterparts. Assess your needs, prioritize what’s essential, and find a balance that fits your budget.