Do you provide service beyond the DC area?

Most of our jobs come from Southern Maryland and DC, but our work has taken us up to Canada and down to Texas! Give us a call and we’ll work together to bring Porter & Porter quality to you.

Do you offer sustainable/eco-friendly floor services?

Yes! We have a variety of reclaimed/recycled flooring materials available, you can see and touch the samples in our shop in Waldorf, MD. We also offer bamboo flooring, a wood substitute that’s much more renewable than traditional hardwood, and stands up to a variety of wear and tear. You can read more about bamboo flooring on our hardwood page!

My floor is damaged. Can you fix it?

We offer a variety of repair services, from sanding and refinishing hardwood to patching carpet and laminate. Contact us and describe the damage, we’ll see what we can do!

Do you offer carpet cleaning services?

Yes, for both commercial and residential buildings! Learn more on our Cleaning & Maintenance page!

Can hardwood floors be installed in the basement (below grade)?

Because of the way that it is nailed down, you cannot have traditional hardwood floors below grade. However, engineered hardwood is genuine wood flooring that can be installed on below grade! You can learn more about engineered wood floors here.

Can engineered wood floors be sanded and refinished?

It depends! Some engineered hardwood has a thick top layer meant for sanding and refinishing, but some does not. To find out whether we can sand and refinish your engineered hardwood, tell us the brand and make of your product! If you’re interested in engineered hardwood, but want the flexibility of being able to sand and refinish, let us know when you set up your free estimate!